Kuenkhen Bhutanese Incense

This incense is a special blend of the famous KuenKhen and Minling traditions of Bhutanese and Tibetan incense-making. The ingredients include na-go (cubeb), li-ci (cloves,) gla-rsti (musk), dsa-ti (nutmeg), gur-gum (saffron), tsan-dan (sandalwood), gu-gul (amyris gallorca), and grub-chu (holy water) from Bumthang. Situated in Central Bhutan, Bumthang is considered the most sacred and holy region of Bhutan. This incense is made by Tshampa (“retreatant”) Sonam Peljor.

This particular Bhutanese incense was “discovered” by Yedor on one of his pilgrimages to Bhutan (November 2017). Bhutan is renowned as Menjung - “Land of Medicinal Herbs” - and so is famed in the Himalayan region for its high-quality incenses. In recent years many Bhutanese incenses have become available outside of Bhutan. Often these are incenses produced by large, well-known incense companies. This incense however, is made by an individual practitioner in Bumthang and only sold locally in that area at the local equivalent of neighborhood convenient stores. When Yedor wanted to try this incense, his Bhutanese guides thought it wasn’t “good enough” as they did not expect an unknown incense to be as good as the nationally known brands. But as it turns out, this is one of the best Bhutanese incenses we have come across for this particular price-range. We are very happy to have “discovered” this and can now share it with you.

NOTE: Because of COVID challenges in Buthan, the maker of Kuenkhen has not been ale to print the usual label. But this is the same Kuenkhen that is exclusive to Tibetan Spirit - No one else outside of Bhutan carries this incense