Manjushri Mantra Banner 6" x 28"

Manjushri is the Buddha of Wisdom in Tantric or Vajrayana Buddhism. In general Mahayana traditions, he is the bodhisattva "foremost in wisdom" and he is often one of the main interlocutors in both esoteric and exoteric Buddhist texts. While Manjushri has many forms and mantras associated with him, the most famous of his mantras is the one embroidered here: OM ARAPACHANA DHIH. This mantra is often the first sounds that a parent would whisper into the ear of their newborn child. In this way, it is believed that the seeds of connection to Manjushri is planted in a child so that at a later point in the life of this child, the connection that they made while still an infant can bear fruit at a later point in life. This banner can adorn one's space as an embodied presence of the blessings and qualities of Manjushri. Such banners can be hung in one's shrine room, a special spot in your home, or over doorways (for the mantra to bless anyone walking underneath).
  • 6" x 28"
  • Brocade Polyester Blend
  • Made In Nepal