Special Riwosangcho Incense

Riwo Sangchö is the offering of sang (Tibetan: cleansing) to local deities associated with one’s environment such deities of mountains, rivers, lakes, hillocks etc. Through such offerings, stains of impurity and obscurations  (Tibetan: drip) can be removed. Otherwise, these stains or pollutions can cause one’s health, vitality, luck and personal power and potency to deteriorate. 

We recently sourced a specially made batch of sur-offering incense sticks from Malaysia. This very limited batch of incense sticks first started as sur-offering powder mix prepared by a Sakya khenpo in India and made available to his students. One of this khenpo’s students then had the powered incense turned into incense sticks for ease of use as well as making it suitable for use in smaller, enclosed spaces (such as rooms, apartments etc). We do not know if we will have more of this after this batch that we sourced so it’s possibly “now or never!”

  • 25 sticks per tube
  • Delicate sticks - handle with care!
  • Great for small spaces.