Herbal Bath Therapy

Herbal Bath Therapy

Bath therapy (Tibetan: lum) is an important branch of Tibetan healing tradition and is used to adjust the balance of the body and mind, ensure health and treat illness. This herbal bath formula – “Siddhartha” (“Wishes Fulfilled”) – is used for relaxation, calming of nerves, pacify “rlung” (wind-energies) disturbances, promote restful sleep, regulating moods, and easing of tensed and aching muscles. It is also recommended for regular maintenance of body-mind wellness.

Usage: Put a bag in a saucepan and bring it to a slow boil and let boil for 5-8 minutes. Pour contents into a bathtub filled with warm/hot water (according to your preference). Soak in herbal bath for 20 minutes or according to your preference. After completing soak, drink a hot non-caffeinated drink such a chamomile or lemongrass or ginger tea and go to bed.

Use every couple of days until symptoms dissipate. For regular maintenance of wellness, use every two weeks.

This specific formula developed by our Tibetan amchi (traditional doctor) includes: Himalayan dwarfed-rhododendron, Asian mugwort, creeping juniper, epedhra, deodar cedar and other herbs.

[Disclaimer: Do not use product if you pregnant or have some serious health condition. This is NOT a substitute for proper and qualified medical care.]