Zung (For 6" statues)
Zung (For 6" statues)

Zung (For 6" statues)

  • various mantras necessary for various parts of a statue
  • body, speech & mind pills
  • medicinal, herbal & incense powder
  • wooden central channel (sokshing)
  • camphor & saffron
  • easy to use epoxy for sealing 

In Tibetan Buddhism, statues of deities are often hollow so that they can be filled & consecrated. Filling of statues are usually done by a lama (and we can arrange this for you in you need). Each deity has its own set of mantras & so you need choose which deity statue you are filling. We currently have: Amitabha, Amitayus,  Avalokitesvara (Chenrezig), Green Tārā, White Tārā, Manjushri, Black Jambhala, Yellow Jambhala, Mahakala, Maitreya, Medicine Buddha, Vajradhara, Vajrasattva, Vaisravana, & Vajrapani.