Bodhiseed Phoenix-Eye Mala #3

Bodhiseed Phoenix-Eye Mala #3

In many ancient texts, bodhiseed malas are called "king of malas." They are the most “versatile” of all mala types, good for all types of activities – pacifying, increasing, magnetizing and destroying practices.

While all kinds of seeds are these days called “bodhiseed,” it is this phoenix-eye bodhiseed that is sought after.
These seeds are stained black and so has a very grounding and solid feel to them. 
Phoenix-eye beads are becoming exceptionally rare and expensive since many of the Nepalese groves (in the Namo Buddha area) have been bought by the Chinese. What we have are high quality, old stock bodhiseed malas that were made prior to the Chinese acquisition of the groves. Beads of this caliber, size and quality are becoming exceedingly scarce. Once our supply is gone, it is gone. We are unable to obtain them again!
  • 108 10mm-11mm beads
  • Bodhiseed guru bead
  • Tip of guru bead to end 21" (length of mala)
  • From Namo Buddha area in Nepal