Avalokitesvara/Chenrezig - Standing, 2-Armed #3

Avalokitesvara/Chenrezig - Standing, 2-Armed #3

Avalokitesvara (Tib. Chenrezik) is probably the most famous of Buddhist deities after the Buddha. He is known throughout Buddhist cultures. Known in China as 
Guanyin and Kannon in Japan, he often appears as a goddess in the Far East. In vajrayana teachings, Avalokitesvara is considered a Buddha, the Buddha of Compassion and has many different forms - some peaceful and others wrathful. This standing form of Avalokitesvara is known as Khasarpani. This form isn't often found in thangka shops - a rare find!

  • original, hand-painted
  • painted area 18" x 24", entire thangka 30" x 51"
  • premium, traditional brocade border