tibetan offering torma wood
tibetan offering torma wood

100 Deities Torma

100-deity wooden torma. Known as "Lhagya Torchik” (lit. “Single-torma for the Hundred Deities,” this torma from the Nyingma tradition can serve as the torma of all transcendent deities. This is a special tradition revealed in a terma where Guru Rinpoche gave the expedient of using a single torma to represent any of the hundreds of deities practiced in vajrayana. Therefore, the triangular-shaped top part represents any wrathful deity, while the curved-shape below represents any of the peaceful deities. Other than its versatility in terms of representing any of the vajrayana deities, this torma is also very portable and durable as it is not made from the usual perishable roasted barley flour (tsampa) and butter.

Perfect as a special gift to one’s Lama (especially if he/she is of the Nyingma or Kagyu traditions) or as a support for one’s vajrayana sadhana practice where the use of a deity-torma (Tib. lhator) is required but one has no familiarity or expertise in making one out of roasted barley flour and butter.

As our ritual-objects are handmade in small, backyard, workshops in Nepal, often there are slight variations in design and sizes  in the items. Thank you for being understanding!

  • 16" tall
  • Base is 4” wide
  • Handcrafted in Nepal