Bhusukuwa Avalokiteśvara from the Namchö Terma Cycle

A unique sādhana of Avalokiteśvara from the Namchö ("Space Dharma") terma-cycle discovered by Tertön Mingyur Dorjé (1645-1667). In this practice, one visualizes oneself appearing as seven 4-armed Avalokiteśvaras - a central Avalokiteśvara surrounded by six Avalokiteśvaras of the six realms of existence.

The name "Bhusukuwa" is a reference to the great Indian master Shantideva who authored the classic Way of the Bodhisattvas (Bodhicharyavatara). Shantideva received the nickname "Bhusuku" from his fellow students at Nalanda University. "Bhusuku" is a contraction of "eat, sleep and defecate" - seemingly all Shantideva did at Nalanda. But unbeknownst to everyone Shantideva was in fact a highly realized practitioner who externally appeared to be a simple and lazy person. In the same way, this sādhana of Avalokiteśvara superficially looks simple and short but in fact carries profound blessings and effectiveness for those who know how to practice it. It is unelaborate, without much flourish or ritual requirements. 

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