Yellow Jade Mala
Yellow Jade Mala

Yellow Jade Mala

In Vajrayana Buddhism, yellow is the color of the Ratna or Jewel Buddha-Family. Thus the brilliant yellow of this jade makes it particularly auspicious for accumulating mantras of abundance, growth, and expansion. Yellow is also the color of the Earth element and so using this yellow jade mala can help in cultivating more grounding, stability and unshakeable concentration.

Yellow jade is believed to aid in improving poor digestion. When worn as a piece of jewelery, many Asian cultures believe that jade can provide protection from one's enemies and from general harm. It can also be used for protection on long journeys.

  • 108 8mm beads plus 3 spacer beads, 18” from guru bead to 54th bead
  • Available in 2 choices of spacer beads: green stone & lapis lazuli 
  • Handcrafted in Nepal


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