White Tara Sungkhor-Amulet

  • 1.25" X 1.25" or 2"X2"
  • water-proof casing

Sungkhors (lit. ""protection-chakra"") are protective charms/amulets that contain miniature mandalas of specific deities folded and covered with intricate handwoven colored string designs stipulated by vajrayana texts of the specific deities. Although all enlightened deities are perfect in their blessing qualities, each deity is often associated with a different enlightened quality.

Tara is the supreme female deity in Buddhism. As the embodiment of the active aspect of buddhas' compassion, she is "mother of all buddha-activities." Tara has many forms such as the "Taras Who Protect from the 8 Great Dangers" and the "21 Taras." White Tara is particularly related to longevity and the prevention of accidental and untimely deaths. Wearing her sungkhor keeps one protected from all dangers - both outer and inner.

This amulet can be worn around the neck or placed inside your pocket, your wallet or handbag. You can also hang it at home or in your car.

[Note: Although these sungkhors can be worn immediately, it is often advised that owners have them consecrated (Tibetan: “rabné”) by a lama to unlock the maximum effect of these powerful protective amulets. There are many sellers of malas and amulets who claim that what they offer have been "blessed by monks" but we are sure that most of these claims are dubious and often outright lies that exploit people’s natural devotion or attraction to Tibetan Buddhism. If you would like your sungkhor consecrated and a lama is not available in your vicinity, we at Tibetan Spirit can arrange for your sungkhors to be consecrated by a lama who lives in Asheville. Please let us know in the “Notes” area when you check out. It is customary to make a donation to the lama doing the consecration although this is entirely voluntary. If you are inspired to give a donation, your donation for the lama can be done using the “Tip” option when you check out.]