Ushnishavijaya Sungkhor-Amulet

  • 2" X 2"
  • water-proof casing

Sungkhors (lit. ""protection-chakra"") are protective charms/amulets that contain miniature mandalas of specific deities folded and covered with intricate handwoven colored string designs stipulated by vajrayana texts of the specific deities. Although all enlightened deities are perfect in their blessing qualities, each deity is often associated with a different enlightened quality.

The practice of Ushnishavijaya (Tib. Namgyalma) purifies immeasurable negative karmas thus leading to a healthy life and avoiding an untimely death and ensures a pure rebirth after this lifetime. She is part of the "Three Deities of Longevity" (Tib. Tse-lha Nam-sum) - the other two being Amitayus and White Tara.

This amulet can be worn around the neck or placed inside your pocket, your wallet or handbag. You can also hang it at home or in your car.

[Note: Although these sungkhors can be worn immediately, it is often advised that owners have them personally blessed and consecrated by a qualified lama to unlock the maximum effect of these powerful protective charms. Tibetan Spirit can arrange for this if a lama isn't available in your area. Much of sungkhors available online claim that they have been "pre-blessed by high lamas" are of dubious origins unless the seller is directly associated with a bona-fide Buddhist organization or monastery - always ask!]