Sandalwood Mala

Sandalwood Mala

Sandalwood malas are one of the most popular of malas as the cooling and pacifying qualities of sandalwood are praised in Buddhist, Hindu and Jain texts. In Vajrayana Buddhists texts in particular, sandalwood malas are considered appropriate for any kind of practices, be they pacifying, increasing, magnetizing or destroying. They are thus prized by Vajrayana Buddhists in Tibet, Nepal, the Himalayan region, China, Japan, and Korea for example. 

There are several types of sandalwood and they are native to most of South Asia - India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka - as well as Australia, Indonesia, and Hawaii. Most famous members of this genus is Indian sandalwood that grows in South India. As Indian sandalwood is under threat of extinction, we do not sell any Indian sandalwood.

  • 108 beads, adjustable knot
  • Available in 3 sizes: 6mm (length 12.5"), 7mm (length 13"), 8mm (length 15.5")
  • Handcrafted so that each string of mala will be slightly and delightfully different.
  • Made in Nepal