Sādhana of Vajravidāraṇa (Namjom)

Vajravidāraṇa (Tib. Dorjé Namjom) is one of five purificatory-deities of vajrayāna practice. The main textual source for the purificatory practice of Vajravidāraṇa is found in a very short dharani-text known simply as “The Dharani of Vajravidāraṇa" (also included in this text). The Buddha taught that Vajravidāraṇa has the power to restore weakened or deteriorating sense-faculties, prevent untimely deaths, pacify disharmony, protect against planetary, spirit and demonic harm, as well as overcome mental fatigue, despair, and fear. Vajravidāraṇa is closely related to Vajrapani, Vajrakilaya and Vajrasattva.

This sādhana was composed by Drikung Chökyi Drakpa (Drikung Dharmakirti, 1595-1659), the first Drikung Kyabgön Chungtsang Rinpoché. 

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