Powdered incense for lhasang or sang-offering

Riwo Sangcho Incense by Lekshey Ling

Powdered Incense Mix.


"Riwo Sangcho, or ""Mountain Cleansing-Offering,"" is a common ritual in Tibetan Buddhism for cleansing, sanctifying and purifying the physical environment and the whole range of beings, seen and unseen, that inhabit our world. Tibetans believe that when certain rituall-polluting actions are done, or when negative karma is created, or when commitments and vows are breached, or when there are negative shifts in the constellations, a polluting substance called ""drip-pa"" is generated that this ""drip-pa"" causes illness, decrease in life-energies, disharmony, aggression and spirit-disturbances. It is believed that the best way to remove this ""drip-pa"" is through the performance of the Riwo Sangcho. This particular Riwo Sangcho incense mix is prepared by monks of Lekshy Ling Monastery, a Tibetan monastery near the famous Swayambhunath Stupa in Kathmandu. It contains all the precious herbal ingredients required for a proper Riwo Sangcho ritual. Burning this powdered-incense becomes the equivalent of what are usually much larger and involved smoke-offerings performed outdoor. The primary ingredient in this mix is special juniper leaves harvested from the mountains on the borders of Nepal and Tibet."