Pure Sandalwood Incense

Pure Sandalwood Incense

    Sandalwood oil has been used since over 4,000 years ago, making it among the oldest-known materials used for its exotic scent. It has found its way into fragrances, cosmetics and personal care products and meditative/spiritual practices. The oil has a woody, exotic smell that's subtle and lingering. Its color ranges from pale yellow to pale gold. Although expensive, it has many wonderful characteristics that make it useful and beneficial for health and wellness. For one, sandalwood is simultaneously calming and uplifting. It is soothes while also energizes.

    Note: these sticks are very delicate, please handle with care.

    • 40 sticks, each burning for approximately 30 mins
    • comes in a beautiful wood-tube incense case
    • daily-use grade South Indian sandalwood 
    • natural, non-habit forming