Agarwood (Pure)
Agarwood (Pure)


Agarwood (Pure)

A heavenly scent unlike any other. Pure, unprocessed, natural agarwood chips. Responsibly sourced in Southeast Asia, our agarwood comes primarily from Vietnam, Malaysia & Indonesia.

28 grams each order.


TRADITIONAL USES Also known as oud, gaharu, jinkoh, agarwood is a mood enhancer, valued for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety & used by meditators to facility a deeper state of wellness. It is often used in Ayurvedic, Tibetan & Chinese medicine.  

PROPERTIES: Warm, earthy, with a musky & honey-sweet backnote.

HOW TO USE: Place the wire mesh provided on top of a pint sized, wide-mouth mason jar with a tealight burning inside (see photo). Place a small piece on mesh. Do not leave unattended. 

For an in-depth introduction to the world of agarwood appreciation, VIDEO