Puja Powder (Menchey)

Puja Powder (Menchey)

Menchey སྨན་ཁྱེ་ is special puja powder that is often added to the dough for making tormas, or to serkyem (protector tea-offering), and also to burnt-offerings. 

This Puja powder is a complex blend of medicinal ingredients which can be employed to spiritually celebrate rites & rituals as well as to offer as a devotional homage and prayers to deities in varied cultures. Offering and mixing it with ritual objects brings auspiciousness and helps to accumulate immense merits for oneself and others.”

We offer here menchey produced by the Men Tsee Khang in Dharamsala, India which is a branch of the Tibetan Administration in-exile. Each bag is approximately 1.5 oz (50g). It goes a long way as usually only a pinch or two is added to the offerings. 

Ingredients: Agate, nutmeg, cardamom, clove, textile bamboo, black cardamom, & sacifrage.