Pallu Incense

Pallu Incense

Pallu (“dwarfed rhododendron”) is one of the most fragrant incense substances used in the Himalayan region and in Tibet. It is related to the rhododendron family although unlike regular rhododendron, pallu is non-toxic. In Tibetan medicine and Vajrayana texts, pallu is identified as having the property of heat that can dispel the coldness and dampness that are caused by wind-energy disorders. 

Our pallu pack contain uncrushed leaves and immediate stems and if you use it without further crushing it, it burns best with instant charcoal. Much like tea leaves, uncrushed pallu leaves means that what we are providing is a higher grade of pallu rather than leftover pallu. 
  • 2.5 oz per pack
  • sourced directly from Tibet
  • can be crushed smaller & added to other incense powders