Om Ah Hung Mantra Banner

In Tantric/Vajrayana Buddhism, OM AH HUNG are the three seed-syllables of the exalted body, speech and mind of all Buddhas. These three syllables are also said to be the essence of all mantras. Furthermore, in many deity-yoga meditation practice, practitioners visualize these three syllables abiding in the three centers within their visualized divine bodies. There are also methods of meditation that combine the mental or verbal recitation of these three syllables to purify and regulate breath. OM AH HUNG thus have great blessings for those who recognize their significance. Such banners can be hung in one's shrine room, a special spot in your home, or over doorways (for the mantra to bless anyone walking underneath).
  • Brocade and polyster blend
  • Made in Nepal
  • 6" x 22”