Mi-kha Repelling Incense

Mi-kha Repelling Incense

Mi-kha མི་ཁ་ refers to the harm that comes from gossip. People’s words about others, when spoken slanderously, obviously have a negative effect on the person being gossiped. Even positive words, when spoken out of envy, can cause harm to the object of gossip. The words and their results the harms of mi-kha

You can download a short practice for reversing mi-kha here: https://www.saraswatipublications.org/product/mikha-dradok/

Here’s an example of a recitation for reversing the harm of mi-kha. You can play this prayer while burning the mi-kha incense and visualize all harms from mi-kha reversed and ultimately dispelled through meditating on the empty nature of all experiences/phenomena.