Marpa with Milarepa & Gampopa 7" x 9"

Marpa with Milarepa & Gampopa 7" x 9"

  • original, hand-painted
  • painted area 7" x 9", entire thangka 17" x 23"
  • traditional brocade border
Marpa Chokyi Lodro (1012-1096) is the first Tibetan lineage-master of the Dakpo Kagyu Lineage. He made three journeys to India and Nepal to receive many different vajrayana transmissions and his main teachers while there were Naropa and Maitripa. He is seem in this thangka with his main disciple Milarepa and Milarepa's main disciple Gampopa who was effectively the founder of the Dakpo Kagyu Lineage when he combined the transmissions from Milarepa with those he received from his Kadampa teachers.