Lapchi Sang Incense Sticks

Lapchi Sang Incense Sticks

Lapchi is the holy place most associated with Milarepa. It is also one of the three sacred mountains that Tibetans identity as special to the tantric deity Chakrasamvara - being the exalted speech mandala of the deity. It is located at an altitude of 4600 meters above sea level. Dwarf rhododendron (non-toxic) grows in higher elevations in the Himalayan region and in Tibet. It has a unique, citrusy-juniper scent. Here we have it in stick form for ease of use. Great for those who practice lhasang/sangchö cleansing offering.
  •  100% pure natural herbs
  • dwarf rhododendron (Tibetan: pallu), juniper, pamo etc
  • 31 sticks