Green Tara - 8" gilded

Green Tara - 8" gilded

GREEN TARA. Of the many forms of Tara in the Buddhist tradition, Green Tara is the main emanation.  She is known as a protector of the Dharma, and it is taught that she bestows both ordinary and sublime blessings when prayed to with sincere compassion.  In particular, Green Tara is the most dynamic form in that she represents compassion in action. She is depicted in a posture of ease with her right leg extended, symbolizing her readiness to spring into action.

Tara’s name literally means “Saviouress” and she is one of the most beloved of all Buddhist deities. She is often praised as “Mother of all Buddhas,” and seen as the feminine embodiment of all the awakened activities of all Buddhas. She offers protection from all fears and dangers and was the chosen personal-deity (Tib. yidam) of many great masters of India and the Himalayan region.

  • 8" inch tall
  • Gilded statue
  • painted face and ornaments