Khenpa Sang-Mix

Khenpa Sang-Mix

[NOTE: Due to the COVID pandemic situation, we have not been able to reliably source the Khenpa herb from Tibet and temporarily we will be using Khenpa harvested from the mountains along the Nepal-Tibet border regions.] 

This special mix has the famous Ganden Khenpa herb (a type of Tibetan sage) as its main ingredient. Ganden Khenpa is named after the first monastery founded by the great Lama Tsongkhapa. Legend has it that at that time Ganden was plagued with an infectious diseases that doctors could not find a cure for. Finally, Lama Tsongkhapa scattered around the monastery hair that he shaved from his head. Where his hair fell, this herb miraculously grew and he advised the local people to burn it which then cleared the disease from the area. Since then, it has been highly valued as an obstacle-clearing and disease counter agent.

This mix also includes 32 different blessed substances - medicine, grains, minerals & spices mentioned in vajrayana texts. Aside from the Khenpa, this mix also contains Agarwood - a major ingredient for Tibetan medicine & incenses used for treating wind/rlung imbalances that manifest as stress, insomnia, and nervousness. 

  • 3 oz
  • product exclusive to Tibetan Spirit

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