limited edition red cypress incense

    This is a limited edition incense handcrafted by a small incense maker in Malaysia. It is a blend of white sandalwood with red cypress 紅心柏. The red cypress is sourced from a giant red pine that lived at a famous local monastery known as Ang Hock Si 洪福寺 in Penang, Malaysia. In 2018, a severe thunderstorm resulted in this tree topping over and unfortunately it could not be saved. The abbot of the monastery allowed for it to be processed into this special limited edition incense. This incense certainly carries lots of blessings from generations of pure practice and prayers at the monastery!

    • 35 sticks, each burning for approximately 35 mins
    • subtle, soft, calming & soothing
    • comes in a beautiful tube incense case
    • handmade, natural, non-habit forming