21 Taras 4" X 6"

  • print on canvas
  • printed area 4" x 6", entire thangka 8.5" x 13"
  • traditional brocade border
Tara (Tib. Drolma) is praised as the "mother of all buddha-activities" and is compassion-in-action. She is swift in providing protection and care for those who invoke her and is said to have vowed to always appear in the female form to deliver beings from dangers and sufferings. Tara appears in many forms. Here, we have Green Tara in the center, surrounded by 21 other Taras.
This is a small, travel-size, printed thangka from an original that was commissioned by a king of Derge in the 19th century based on instructions from the great lama Jamgon Kongtrul, Lodro Taye.