Gampopa  9" x 12"
Gampopa  9" x 12"

Gampopa 9" x 12"

  • original, hand-painted
  • painted area 9" x 12", entire thangka 22" x 29"
  • traditional brocade border

Gampopa (1079–1153) is one of the Kagyu forefathers and can be credited with the formation of a distinctive "Kagyu" identity. So, although his teacher Milarepa and Milarepa's teacher Marpa are retrospectively acknowledged as "Kagyu forefathers," it wasn't until Gampopa that what we now recognize as Kagyu really began in Tibet. In particular, Gampopa combined the Mahamudra and Six Dharmas of Naropa traditions he received from Milarepa with the trainings he received as a Kadampa monk to form what is known as the Dakpo Kagyu Lineage ("Dakpo" being a reference to the area in southern Tibet that Gampopa hailed from).