Sandalwood Coiled Incense
Sandalwood Coiled Incense
Sandalwood Coiled Incense

Sandalwood Coiled Incense

    Coiled incense is popular in East Asia. It burns on a bed of ash and perfumes your space for a long while! We have been searching for a good source of high-quality coiled incense and surprisingly succeeded during this pandemic season! We found an old, traditional incense-maker in Hong Kong (through our friends in Malaysia) and we are very happy to share with you the coiled incense from this small-batch incense maker.

    Sandalwood oil has been used since over 4,000 years ago, making it among the oldest-known materials used for its uplifting scent. It has found its way into fragrances, cosmetics and personal care products and meditative/spiritual practices. The oil has a woody, exotic smell that's subtle and lingering. Although expensive, it has many wonderful characteristics that make it beneficial for health and wellness. In Tibetan medicine, sandalwood is considered simultaneously calming and uplifting. It is soothes while also energizes.

    We carry two types—sandalwood & sandalwood king. The sandalwood king is a more delicate scent. Try both!

    • Sandalwood 2" diameter coils
    • Sandalwood 3" diameter coils
    • Sandalwood king 2" diameter coils

    Note: these coils are very delicate, please handle with care. Watch the short videoclip we’ve provided to see how to use a coiled incense. You can use the whole coil or just break a small piece. We’ve found that just a small piece can immediately change the whole mood of the room. It’s quite magical!

    • 15 coils each can
    • 2” coils burn for approximately 2hrs, 3” burns about 4hrs
    • natural, non-habit forming



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