Silver Dharma Wheel Counter

Tibetan style counter used on malas/prayer beads to keep count of mantra recitation and accumulation.

In certain Vajrayana practices there is an emphasis on keeping count of one's accumulation of mantras or prayers. In these instances one may commit to accumulating 10,000 or 100,000 or even a million of a specific mantra. Hence mantra-counters have been developed.

There are basically two types of traditional mantra-counters - one that comes as a pair of tassels with 10 beads on each (often with a mini vajra at the end of one strand, and a mini bell on the other) and one that is a clip. The tassels type of mala-counters is used to keep track of 100s and 1000s accumulations while the clip type is for counting 10,000s.

This is a clip style counter
  • silver