Tibetan Bdellium (Guggul-Resin) Incense

Tibetan Bdellium (Guggul-Resin) Incense

  •  30, 4.5” sticks
  • comes with a simple but effective incense holder

From the box: Bdellium is mainly called "Guggulu" in Sanskrit and has wide medicinal uses in Ayurvedic traditions. Guggulu was burnt to scare away witches and demons. It also helps to eradicate arthritis, rheumatism and neurological disorders. Perfectly safe for inhalation & environment.

Guggul/guggulu is a resin and has a potent spicy and dry scent that reminds one of frankincense but with a more exotic and mysterious identity. It is often used at vajrayana empowerments for forcefully dispelling obstacles.